The Great Ocean Road In Australia: Things To Do & Where To Stay

The Great Ocean Road In Australia: Things To Do & Where To Stay

Where is the Great Ocean road?

Want to go for a long and peaceful drive around the seacoast? Discover the Great Ocean Road in Australia. The question is, how long is the Great Ocean road? Another question arises, where is the Great Ocean road? It is a 240-kilometer road in Australia’s southeastern coast. It’s also labeled as Australian National Heritage.

Let’s take a glance at what are the things to explore and do on the Great Ocean Road tour.

Things to do at the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Things to explore at Great ocean road are as follows:-

  • Try to explore the 12 Apostles: these are the pillars carved with limestone for over 10 million years.
  • Explore wildlife wonders: While trekking through the wildlife wonders forest at Otway, try to explore some wildlife spots. Marvelous adventures are waiting in wildlife wonders. Explore Koalas and other creatures.
  • Hot spring sanctuary: One of the most relaxing places is the seductive spring sanctuary. For an aromatherapy experience, try to visit this hot spring sanctuary once. Water with the floral mix can help the body to relax, and the soothing environment can calm the mind at its best.
  • Discover Tower Hill: Explore the 65,000-year-old culture and try to visit Victoria’s oldest volcano. Mix and connect with the Australian animals. Walk around Tower Hill and connect with its soothing environment.
  • Visit Mount Gambier: It is one of the unique geological areas. Visit the sapphire waters of Blue Lake once, explore the beauty of the gardens of Ump Herston Sinkhole, and experience the deep inside world of Kilsby Sinkhole. Discover the most beautiful places thoroughly.

These are some of the most popular and beautiful places and things to do on the Great ocean road in Victoria tour. The visitors must explore these incredible places during this tour.

Where is the Great Ocean road?

Where to Stay during the Great Ocean Road Australia tour?

There are so many resorts for visitors. Some of the alternatives are as follows:-

  • Great Ocean Road Resort:- It is on the great ocean road Anglesea. It is situated opposite the Anglesea River. It has free parking, wifi, a tennis court, spa facilities and many more.
  • Anglesea Riverside Motel:- It is located in Anglesea; it has a pool inside the motel, a restaurant, free wifi, and parking services. It also has fitness centers and spa facilities.
  • Anglesea River Beach Apartment:- It is a 700m drive from Anglesea beach. It also has accessible parking facilities, and it is a beachfront resort. It also has BBQ facilities.
  • Lorne Hotel:- It is located in the Mountjoy Parade, Lorne. It has a beautiful bar, free parking and wifi services, a function hall and a restaurant. Overall it’s the best place to stay.
  • Torquay Foreshore Caravan Park is located in Bell Street, Torquay. It is a great ocean road caravan park which is a beachfront resort. It also has free parking, BBQ facilities, wifi, and many more services.

These are some excellent great ocean road resorts where anyone can stay peacefully.

The best spots for Camping are Great Ocean Road.

There are some of the best spots for the Great Ocean Road Camping. They are as follows:-

  • The Johanna Beach
  • The Aire River East
  • Cumberland River Holiday Park

These are some of the most popular camping spots.

Discovering the Great Ocean Road must be a wonderful experience. The beauty reflects through the seaside, the sunset, the resort, and the drive. Visitors must discover the great ocean road once in a lifetime.


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